Hello Everyone!

Well, it’s finally in place! There is now a section of the wind ensemble class that can be repeated over and over again. That means that those of you who have exceeded the maximum number of times (4) that you can take Music 751 – Wind Ensemble can sign up for this class! And, the new class can be repeated up to 99 times, so repeatability is virtually unlimited!

Here’s the information on the new course:

Course Name: Community Wind Ensemble
Course Number: OLD ADL 751CE

Section Number: 28368

You’ll notice that the course number is in the “OLD ADL” (Older Adult) category. That means that you will NOT find it under “Music” in the Schedule of Classes. However, you can use the information I’ve given above to enroll in the class.

I’d appreciate it if everyone who previously was unable to enroll due to repeatability sign up for this class. We need a good showing with this new class to show our administration that there IS interest in this class and that the limits on repeatability have been keeping students from enrolling.

Some of you who haven’t enrolled in a long time may need to re-apply to the college. I know that this process can be somewhat annoying, but it really will help us keep the wind ensemble going if we have a bunch of people enroll. So, please bear with the difficulties. If there’s anything I can do to smooth things over, let me know.

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